When I'm with strangers: An introverted boy who is suspicious.
When I'm with my family: A good funny boy who study well (Hell no😂).
When I'm with my bestfriend: A boy who is a fucking asshole 😂 but he's a good person.
When I'm with the person who I might like: An extroverted boy who always want to make them (The person I love/like) happy.
No I'm not but I like photography.
No I'm not but I really like to create video and edit it like modeling videos. (Yeah I'm interested in fashion)
Well I love "call of duty" but I play very often so I'm not a gammer but I like games also when I play with Sweetheart😂.
As my family and friends know that my computer is my third brother😂
I spend more that 15 hours behind my pc but I'm not computer expert yet.
Well above all, I'm a programmer. I'm able to create websites. It's about one year which I'm learning how to code.
I know HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript now.
Actaully, most of the time I'm not the person the most people consider me as. Ali Bolouki is a person who loves to do everything.
He likes to make lots of new experiences. And he really want to make everybody happy. Also you Sweetheart😄